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BioChemPeels are an easy and inexpensive way to take 15 years of skin damage away in about a week. There is a bit of down-time due to the amount of old skin that will be peeling away, but the results are incredibly worth it!

BioChemPeels are healthy, natural skin resurfacing treatments based on organic ingredients and powerful antioxidants.


How do BioChemPeels work?

Over time, your exposure to sun and wind, stress, as well as diminishing cell reproduction due to your aging process, naturally adds furrows, lines, imperfections and dark spots to your once supple skin. BioChemPeels remove damaged, dull, aging skin cells, generating fresh new skin to grow and replace the old surface. As we peel away the damaged cells, your skin is infused with antioxidants and vitamins, which will cause new skin to grow, containing more collagen for an overall smoother, more even and healthier skin texture. After a BioChemPeel, you will see a reduction in wrinkles, scars, discoloration, impurities, sagging and an unveiling of luminous, finely textured, tight, and fresh new skin.

BioChemPeels VS. Traditional Chemical Peels & Lasers:

Chemical Peels have been used for many years to smooth and improve the texture of damaged facial skin. BioChemPeels are the best skin peel treatments on the market today. What sets them apart and makes them more successful than traditional chemical peels or lasers is their formulation and ingredients, as well as our carefully developed before and after at-home care active organic facial products.

Traditional chemical peels (i.e. TCA Peels, Jessner Peels) can be very irritating, damaging and thinning to your skin, and can even cause scarring and trauma. The same applies to laser resurfacing treatments, which can leave you red and irritated for months, and could cause you to loose some or all of your pigment, leaving you white or blotchy forever after. Our BioChemPeels work with your skin and body to regenerate newer, younger looking, healthier cells - turning back the clock organically, minimizing negative side-effects.

During your preparation at home and at your BioChemPeel treatment, strong organic anti-oxidants are applied which immediately counter-act any trauma or free radical damage. This is extremely nourishing and stimulates new skin cell and collagen production, causing plumper, thicker, healthier skin.

What is treatment like?

BioChemPeels are applied in an easy 20 minute office visit without the need for anesthesia and heal in 5 to 14 days, depending on the level of peel-depth and the condition of your skin. They are self-neutralizing, making over-saturation and associated scarring pretty much impossible.Thickening, plumping and tightening of the treated areas can continue for 3 to 6 months after just one BioChemPeel, with the use of our recommended maintenance home care products. Our Thera-Lift treatments are also a wonderful way to maintain your new skin regularly and gain more lift and thightening with each session.

At Dew Diligence Skincare & Aesthetics, we have been performing BioChemPeel procedures since 2015 to treat lines and imperfections resulting from smoking, aging, sun exposure, frowning, smiling ('crow's feet'), and scars. They can also remove discoloration such as brown spots, melasma and hyperpigmentation as well as reduce inflammation, which results in the clearing of acne and rosacea, as well as refining of pores and texture.

During the pre-treatment consultation, we carefully evaluate your skin and determine if a BioChemPeel is the best treatment for your individual case to give you ultimate results to boost your self-confidence. We will explain the procedure and you'll know exactly what to expect before and after your peel session. We strongly recommend customized active organic skincare products to pre-treat and prepare your skin at home for a period of time. These may cause an initial exfoliation that will improve the results and reduce healing time.

Can other parts of the body be treated with BioChemPeel?

BioChemPeels can rejuvenate skin and remove brown spots on the face, neck, chest, hands, arms, and legs. Due to their skin-plumping activity, BioChemPeels are safe to use on the most delicate and thin skin. Multiple treatments to achieve ultimate results are recommended individually based on your specific needs and condition. Repeat treatments can be done every few weeks or in intervals for up to 6 months. During your skin consultation, we will explain all the options that are available to you.

What can I expect after the treatment?

Your skin may feel heated for 5 to 10 minutes followed by a light stinging sensation, similar to a sunburned effect. It might be reddish in color and can turn brown and tight within 1 to 2 days, displaying a temporary more wrinkled appearance. We will recommend active organic skin recovery products and treatments to assist with healing. Peeling and scaling will typically begin within 1 to 3 days after the treatment. Deeper level peeling may cause swelling and blistering. In some skin conditions there might be an initial worsening effect immediately after the peel, which will resolve with our post peel protocol and is not a reason for concern. However, pre-and post peel maintenance is of utmost importance to be followed, and sun exposure should be kept to a minimum for a few weeks post peel. We'll give you complete instructions for a safe, comfortable recovery, and make ourselves available to you even outside of office hours to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

BioChemPeels are healthy, natural skin resurfacing treatments based on organic ingredients and powerful antioxidants.

NOTE: Only a licensed professional with the knowledge and skill required to achieve optimum results should administer the BioChemPeel treatment.

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